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Self-driving Cars: How to Deal with Privacy

Self-driving Cars: How to Deal with Privacy

As self-driving cars will be on the market soon, consumers’concerns on privacy issues will affect their adoption of the new mode of travel.

11 April 2018

Blockchain: An Achilles Boot for Self-driving Cars?

Blockchain may not be a disruptive technology but rather an enabling technology.

03 April 2018

Cybersecurity: Achilles' Heel for Self-driving Cars?

Vehicle cyber-security is a key challenge for self-driving cars.

08 March 2018

Shanghai Issues Regulations on Self-driving Cars Road Testing

Shanghai has become the second city in China to issue road testing regulations for self-driving cars.

05 March 2018

The Newest Mobile Device: Self-driving Cars

Self-driving cars will have a disruptive effect on auto industry with more opportunities for service providers in China.

13 February 2018

China: Mapping the Future - Current Challenges and Forecast trends in respect of Mapping for Autonomous Vehicles

There are legal challenges as China has strict regulations on surveying and mapping.

19 January 2018

NDRC Issues Development Strategy for Autonomous Vehicle

China obviously has big plans for autonomous vehicles.

16 January 2018

China Issues Final Guidelines on Standards Establishment for Self-driving Cars

On 29 December 2017, MIIT and SAC jointly issued the Final Guidelines on the Standards Establishment for Intelligent and Connected Vehicles.

09 January 2018

Beijing Fires the First Shot on Regulating Self-driving Cars Road Testing in China

Beijing issued regulations on self-driving cars road testing, which is a milestone in regulating the road testing of self-driving cars in China.

22 December 2017

Self-driving Car Road Tests in China – How to get on the Road to Progress

Automated driving road testing is key step to move forward automated driving vehicles.

28 September 2017

Self-driving Cars: Who will be Liable?

The liability issues relating to automated vehicle technologies and how this is likely to develop in China.

29 August 2017

China: Put Self-driving Cars into Gear

The PRC government continues to set the stage to develop self-driving cars.

23 June 2017