26 January 2021

KWM Releases Doing Business in Japan (2021) (Chinese Version)

KWM is committed to assisting Chinese enterprises in entering and integrating into the Japanese market. Over the years, KWM has accumulated rich experience in advising many major Chinese enterprises on investment and M&A deals in Japan, including advising on Japanese law.

To help Chinese enterprises better understand the business environment and legal system of Japan, KWM Tokyo office produced the Doing Business in Japan. The publication covers the basic legal framework of Japan on foreign investment market access, export control, incorporation of new companies, M&A, concentration undertakings, employment, litigation, etc. It is hoped that it will be of benefit to Chinese enterprises investing in Japan.

* KWM global network has produced a series publications in doing business overseas, which can also be accessed via website or intranet. These include:

Doing Business in China” (EN)

Doing Business in the U.S.” (CN) 

Doing Business in Germany” (CN & EN) 

Doing Business in the UK” (CN & EN) 

Doing Business in Spain” (CN) 

Doing Business in the Middle East” (CN & EN)

Chinese only

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