19 April 2016

Crossing Borders: Safeguarding International Investment

In this edition we look at how overseas investors are protected in different jurisdictions across the world. From the Middle East and Africa region we address investment treaty trends in the UAE, the impact of a new common-law jurisdiction in Abu Dhabi and the safeguards investors benefit from in arbitration in Africa, with special focus on Nigeria and Djibouti. Further afield we assess China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ policy, talk to Chau Ee Lee about arbitration and our new capabilities in Singapore, and India’s recently ratified Model BIT is broken down and evaluated.

With enforcement a perennial hot topic in international arbitration circles, we provide key updates from Australia, France and Dubai, and take a look at the much-reported on Philip Morris Case and the impact it might have on treaty shoppers.

If you would like to discuss any regulatory or compliance issues in particular regions, or want to explore any subjects covered in this issue, please do not hesitate to contact one of our international arbitration partners across our global network.

Key contacts

Download Crossing Borders: International Arbitration Insights - Where will we be in 2028?

Crossing Borders is a periodic review of developments in international arbitration across the world. Included in this special 10th edition, we explore what arbitrations will be like going into 2028 - where, how and by whom disputes will be decided.

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