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EC finds widespread geo-blocking in EU e-commerce

European Commission findings on geo-blocking in EU e-commerce sector – implications for businesses

European Commission finds widespread geo-blocking practices in the EU e-commerce sector. We discuss the story so far and what businesses can expect.

21 April 2016

Claimants ask CAT to check out Tesco’s restrictive covenant via fast-track procedure

Owners of land burdened by restrictive covenant prohibiting the sale of grocery items ask CAT to award damages and declare the covenant unenforceable.

26 February 2016

The new EU Trade Mark - Updated Guidance from OHIM

Getting ready for the new EU Trade Mark regime in force from 23 March 2016: actions that brand owners should be considering now.

17 February 2016

German Minister of Economics and Energy to approve merger of EDEKA and Tengelmann

German Minister of Economics announces intention to conditionally approve the proposed merger of EDEKA and Tengelmann by way of ministerial approval.

14 January 2016

ECJ rules that proposed Scottish minimum unit price for alcohol may be contrary to EU law

ECJ rules that legislation has the effect of significantly restricting the market and is inappropriate if tax measures would have the same effect.

07 January 2016

AGCM: 7 new investigations into extra-virgin olive oil

The AGCM has opened 7 investigations into whether the use of the phrase “extra-virgin olive oil" by Italian oil producers is misleading.

19 November 2015

European Commission approves Coca-Cola bottling transaction

Drinks all round – European Commission gives green light to merger of European Coca-Cola bottlers.

11 November 2015

No sourness from the UK CMA – Müller’s purchase of Dairy Crest's dairy operations approved

The CMA has accepted Müller’s undertaking to process milk for Medina Dairy and approved its acquisition of Dairy Crest.

22 October 2015

Commission orders Fiat and Starbucks to repay tax saved in sweetheart deals

In the first of its tax investigations the Commission has fined Fiat and Starbucks for so-called sweetheart tax rulings.

22 October 2015

Paris Court of Appeal confirms disparagement practices in fresh dairy products market in Martinique

Paris Court of Appeal upholds French Competition Authority decision regarding disparagement practices against LSM’s fresh dairy products in Martinique.

15 October 2015

German FCO reminds companies of obligation to submit accurate data in merger control proceedings

By de-merging two organic dairy producers, the German FCO has given a clear message to companies to ensure their merger notifications are accurate.

08 October 2015

The Spanish Competition Authority (CNMC) commences infringement proceedings against Schweppes, S.A.

Spanish Competition Authority commences infringement proceedings against Schweppes for allegedly entering into anti-competitive agreements.

25 September 2015

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