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EU draft Geo-Blocking Regulation falls short

European Director-General for Competition on the digital sector and the drive for an EU-wide Digital Single Market

Director-General for Competition gives first speech on competition challenges facing the digital sector and the drive for an EU Digital Single Market.

AGCM fines 21 companies active in the field of TV post-production services

The Italian Competition Authority has fined the New Italian Broadcasting Association and 21 companies for breaching Italian competition law.

18 June 2015

AGCM opens investigation on Serie A television rights

The AGCM opens an investigation to verify the existence of alleged “allocation agreements” between Sky and Mediaset for broadcasting of Serie A.

21 May 2015

Court grants blocking order against Popcorn Time websites

The Court has made the latest website blocking order, in relation to 'Popcorn Time’ websites.

29 April 2015

Court of Appeal makes second reference to CJEU in relation to TV Catchup

The Court of Appeal has made a second reference to the Court of Justice in relation to the TV Catchup live streaming service.

02 April 2015

SCRABBLE v SCRAMBLE: Mattel and Zynga on appeal

The Court of Appeal has decided that Mattel’s SCRAMBLE trade mark is infringed by Zynga’s Scramble and Scramble with Friends app.

01 April 2015

European Commission proposes wide-ranging antitrust inquiry into e-commerce sector

Obstacles to EU integration in online markets have led to the European Commission announcing a sector inquiry into e-commerce.

27 March 2015

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