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Electing to terminate – how long is a “reasonable time”

Draft legislation reflects Harper recommendation to streamline formal merger clearance process

A key recommendation of the Harper Review was the combination and streamlining of the current merger authorisation process with a revamped formal merger clearance process.

05 September 2016

Reforming the cartel provisions post-Harper – a litigation and enforcement perspective

The exposure draft legislation will, if implemented, result in significant changes to Australia’s cartel law regime, as well as the enforcement of Australia’s competition laws more generally.

05 September 2016

ACCC to create “safe harbours” with new class exemption powers

Newly proposed class exemption laws in the Government's draft Harper competition law legislation will enable the ACCC to create “safe harbours” in relation to particular types conduct.

05 September 2016

Part IIIA - Federal Government responds to criticism of the test for third party access declaration

The changes to Australia's competition law will allow the responsible Minister to make decisions that better take into account economic realities rather than hypothetical possibilities.

05 September 2016

Outlook - What's next for class actions in Australia?

On the radar in Australian class actions: hearings, significant appeals, judgments and settlements, proposed actions and a potential regime change.

26 August 2016

Red Tape | Breaking down non-tariff barriers in the international trade of agri-food

Non-tariff measures present major challenges for exporters but the outlook is not all bleak for international trade in agribusiness and food.

14 June 2016

Exporters of the world rejoice - PRC customs issues e-commerce reprieve

International companies trading in cross-border ecommerce in cosmetics, infant formula milk powder, medical devices & health have a reprieve until at least 11 May 2017.

27 May 2016

Top 10 Issues for Retail Landlords following amendment of the Retail Shop Leases Act

Queensland Parliament passed a bill to substantially amend the Retail Shop Leases Act 1994 to streamline the RSLA and cut red tape.

13 May 2016

Australian Federal Budget 2016-17: Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Proposed changes to the GST announced in the Australian Federal Budget 2016-17.

03 May 2016

Further challenges in China cross-border e-commerce

This article was written by Mark Schaub, Chen Bing and Martyn Huckerby.The boom in China cross-border e-commerce has been dramatic and exponential. It has led to strong share...

20 April 2016

A fit-for-purpose consumer law? The 2016 ACCC National Consumer Congress and the upcoming ACL Review

Key themes from the 2016 ACCC National Consumer Congress and the upcoming Australian Consumer Law Review.

17 March 2016

2016 means big business for the ACCC

Expect to see a greater focus on big business, industry codes, advocacy and market studies as well as a new addition to the ACCC’s list of enduring priorities.

24 February 2016

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