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COVID-19 enhances risks of bribery and corruption

NSW Budget Update

The New South Wales Government’s 2016-17 Budget was released today and confirms the abolition of the following taxes from 1 July 2016.

21 June 2016

New foreign investor surcharges for Queensland and New South Wales – states follow Victorian lead

Queensland and New South Wales follow the Victorian lead by introducing new foreign investor stamp duty surcharges for transactions involving residential real estate.

16 June 2016

Tipping the scales for reform: Northern Territory releases draft Balanced Environment Strategy for public consultation

Northern Territory releases draft Balanced Environment Strategy for public consultation.

04 February 2016

Brisbane’s draft City Centre Neighbourhood Plan – stakeholder and community vision closer to fruition

The neighbourhood plan is geared to facilitate the construction of 50 new towers over the next 20 years in Brisbane's City Centre,

01 September 2015

Training requirements increase for WA Government Building Contracts

A new Government Building Training Policy (GBT Policy) will replace the previous Priority Start – Building Policy from 1 October 2015.

24 August 2015

Strata Reform - exposure draft released

If enacted, the new legislation will make significant changes to the administration of a strata scheme and the carrying out of strata development.

12 August 2015

Non-final withholding tax on disposals of taxable Australian property – exposure draft legislation released

This article was written by Katrina Parkyn, Ari Rosenbaum and Anthony Mourginos.Exposure draft legislation to impose a non-final withholding tax on transactions involving the disposal of ‘taxable Australian...

13 July 2015

Wright v Lend Lease Building Pty Ltd [2014] NSWSCA 463

A court will only correct the words of a contract where the literal meaning of those words are absurd and the objective intention of the parties is self-evident....

02 July 2015

South Australian Budget 2015-16 – significant stamp duty changes

The Budget announced significant and wide reaching stamp duty changes which will affect businesses operating, or holding assets, in South Australia.

19 June 2015

Objector numbers to become a relevant consideration under proposed planning reform

If passed, this Bill will likely encourage the use of petitions and large-scale pro forma submissions as a means of influencing planning decisions.

05 June 2015

Queensland Sustainable Ports Development Bill to reshape port development

The introduction of the Bill comes days after UNESCO released a draft recommendation that the Great Barrier Reef not be included on the “in danger” list.

04 June 2015

Further developments in Victorian State Taxes – Guidelines explaining “discretionary exemption” for foreign investor surcharge released

The guidelines provide the Treasurer with discretion to exempt “foreign purchasers” & “absentee land owners” from newly introduced stamp duty & land tax surcharges.

28 May 2015

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