16 July 2015

Mutual recognition of funds between Mainland China and Hong Kong

This article was written by Jim Boynton.

Mutual recognition of publicly offered funds between the Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong started 1 July 2015 which will potentially be a game changer for fund managers which want retail fund distribution in 21 APEC countries. 

The MRF opportunities for fund managers in Hong Kong are unprecedented. In February this year, the SFC was reported to have identified approximately 100 Hong Kong domiciled funds that are eligible for participation in the MRF allowing cross-border fund sales. If based in Hong Kong you should conduct a preliminary assessment on your eligibility under MRF, and get prepared for this MRF initiative! If based outside Hong Kong you should consider whether to establish Hong Kong operations and funds in order to access the Mainland Chinese investor base.

For more information, see our Hong Kong colleague's insights on MRF opportunities and the latest edition of KWM Connect - a periodic review of developments in Hong Kong and China cross-border investments.


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