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Price v Spoor: The High Court considers contracting out of statutory limitation periods

Taxes on real estate deals - Australian State and Territory Budgets

Australia's State and Territory budgets have continued a trend of imposing taxes on foreign investment in real estate. Find out more about the stamp duty and land tax...

04 September 2017

The regulatory road for driverless cars in Australia

The National Transport Commission has released a discussion paper outlining four regulatory options to govern the safety of driverless cars and other autonomous vehicles in Australia.

13 July 2017

A postcard from the Developing Northern Australia Conference

Three key takeaways from the third Annual Developing Northern Australia Conference 2017 for infrastructure, agriculture and resources projects in the region.

03 July 2017

FIRB reforms reducing red tape take effect from 1 July 2017

Changes to Australia’s foreign investment framework will take effect from 1 July 2017 including business acquisitions exemption certificates and an increased threshold for offshore acquisitions...

30 June 2017

Australian Federal Budget 2017-18: Infrastructure

Analysis of the 2017-18 Australian Federal Budget's changes to the infrastructure sector including the government's commitment of over $70b to major projects.

09 May 2017

Treasury consultation on stapled structures

Key observations about the issues and potential policy options to address these raised in the Australian Government's Stapled Structure Consultation Paper.

04 May 2017

The Australian Government’s key milestones for Northern Australia

The Federal Government has set out various milestones as a part of its long-term plan for Northern Australia but there are major barriers it must address for success.

26 April 2017

Opportunities for NAIF in Asia’s emerging middle-class: A sector-by-sector play

The rising middle class in Asia is bringing increasing demands for products and funds for investment. Here are the five industry pillars with most potential for growth in...

30 March 2017

The end of the road for stapled securities in Australian infrastructure?

An Australian Government consultation paper signals a potentially dramatic change to the income tax treatment of stapled structures with wide ramifications for the infrastructure sector.

28 March 2017

Northern Australia development initiatives gather pace with the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility

In response to the increasing demand for resources in Asia, the Australian Government recently outlined concrete steps to promote the development of Northern Australia, including NAIF.

07 March 2017

Amendment to the Native Title Act to restore certainty around ILUAs

Registration of Area ILUAs under the NTA that have not been executed by all members of the native title applicant (where applicable) remains on hold pending amendments being...

21 February 2017

ATO documents outline concerns on a range of infrastructure-related tax issues

ATO releases 'Taxpayer Alert TA 2017/1' and 'Privatisation and Infrastructure - Australian Federal Tax Framework' which are of particular importance to infrastructure participants.

01 February 2017

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