29 October 2020

Guru in the Spotlight: Perryn Smee

Q. What area at KWM do work in and what is your specialisation?

A. Business Services – Business Services Leader Canberra

Q. How long have you been with the firm for?

A. 7.5 years

Q. Why are you passionate about our Community Impact programme?

A. The Community Impact programme provides great opportunity to connect with some really special parts of the community and contribute to its growth.  

Q. What projects or programmes have you been involved in recently?

A. Marymead Urban Land Community Harvest (Mulch) - mulch is a social enterprise enabling young adults with disabilities to develop skills and build community connections through work in the horticultural enterprise. Participants are engaged in the seed-to-sale process in mulch's permaculture garden. Skill development goals are individually tailored to suit each participant’s interests, skills and abilities.

Q. Any stories you can share?

A. mulch has collected a total of 1850.52kg of food waste from KWM which has been turned into nutrient rich soil to grow vegetables. If this food waste was to go into landfill it would have created 3515.99 of CO2-e(KG) emissions which equates to 313 days of electricity consumption for a household of three!

Q. Why did you/do you get involved? What were/are your motivations?

A. Initially I was working in the KWM commercial kitchen and jumped on the idea of sustainably disposing of our green waste and an opportunity to socially engage with Marymead participants.     

Q. What skills or experiences have you gained through this work?

A. A greater understanding of how those who have the means are able to contribute to the less fortunate in large and small ways.  

Q. What tips do you have for others thinking about getting involved in the Community Impact programme?

A. This is an excellent program to be a part of and if you feel like doing your part for community all it takes is to reach out, show interest and the Community Impact team will be there to provide the opportunity.

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