22 September 2020

Guru in the Spotlight: Nadia Wust

Q: What area at KWM do you work in and what is your specialisation?

A: I work in the Knowledge Management team in Melbourne. My specialist areas are the Tax practice team and the Government sector.

Q: How long have you been with the firm?

A: I will reach my 17th anniversary in November this year!

Q: Why are you passionate about our Community Impact programme?

A: I think that it’s important for a firm of our size to make positive contributions to the community and to take a position on social and justice issues. I’m very proud of the work that the firm does in this space

Q: What projects or programs have you been involved in recently?

A: I have participated in the School of Opportunity program by facilitating a workshop focusing on developing research skills. The workshop has since been repurposed for other community impact programs

Q: Why did you/do you get involved? What were/are your motivations?

A: The School of Opportunity gave me an opportunity to share skills and knowledge I have in a context outside of law and legal research

Q: What skills or experiences have you gained through this work?

A: Participation in the School of Opportunity has helped me further develop my presentation skills by giving me the chance to communicate with people outside of the legal profession

Q: What tips do you have for others thinking about getting involved in the Community Impact program?

A: The Community Impact program is incredibly rewarding, and I am so pleased I’ve had the opportunity to participate in a meaningful way. I would recommend anyone take part as we all have something, we can share


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