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ASIC’s $30K SPP cap surprise: the end of the entitlement offer era?

Banking & Finance

ASIC’s $30K SPP cap surprise: the end of the entitlement offer era?

Then this week came ASIC’s surprise. With no fanfare, ASIC has doubled the SPP participation limit from $15,000 to $30,000 per securityholder. Could this be the...

30 August 2019

The Hayne Royal Commission and what it means for Islamic financiers of Australian real estate

In his recent report on the Royal Commission into misconduct in the banking, superannuation and financial services industries, Queen’s Counsel Kenneth Hayne recommended a number of changes which,...

29 August 2019

APRA Capability Review June 2019 | More Experienced, Tougher And Transparent

This article was written by Sarah Yu.Following a recommendation from the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry, the Government announced a review...

09 August 2019

ACCC To Examine The Murray Darling Basin Water Markets

The Federal Government has announced that it will direct the ACCC to conduct a market inquiry into the water markets operating in the MDB.

09 August 2019

Consumer Data Right law passed – Open Banking set to start in Australia

We unfold the gist of open banking in this piece with an analysis of the current regulatory framework and data laws.

01 August 2019

China announces 11 measures to further open up its financial sector

China's Financial Stability Development Committee recently introduced some measures to provide more potential opportunities for foreign investors.

30 July 2019

APRA consults on new remuneration standard

In this article, we sum up ARPA's latest prudential standard on remuneration for public consultation.

26 July 2019

When Blockchain Immutability Meets Bankruptcy

Committed settlement, a patent-pending methodology introduced by Digital Asset , could present a way to make financial transactions immutable

19 July 2019

Board papers and board minutes

In the aftermath of the Hayne Royal Commission, boards are seeking to ensure compliance with their statutory obligations to record and retain board minutes and board papers.

04 July 2019

WA poised to adopt its own class actions regime

Western Australia is poised to adopt its own class actions regime, after the introduction of the Civil Procedure (Representative Proceedings) Bill 2019 (WA) into State Parliament on 26...

28 June 2019

ASIC, IOSCO and the FSB update crypto-asset views

Recent papers published by Australian and international regulators show how this now goes beyond the nature of the crypto-asset itself to include the impact that these assets and...

26 June 2019

Open Banking convergence: New offshore frameworks reveal shared thinking on data sharing

As Australia continues to establish its Consumer Data Right (CDR) with Open Banking as its first stage, work offshore, including in Canada, is progressing to develop data-sharing frameworks...

26 June 2019

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