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Is privity of contract here to stay?

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Is privity of contract here to stay?

The Supreme Court of Tasmania recently handed down a decision on privity of contracts in Clarence City Council v Commonwealth of Australia [2019] FCA 1568.

18 October 2019

Security of payment: the “pay now, argue later” attitude continues

In the recent decision of Sandvik Mining and Construction Australia Pty Ltd v Fisher [2019] WASC 352, the Supreme Court of Western Australia considered an application to prevent...

17 October 2019

ASX updates Guidance Note 9

The 4th edition of the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (“4th Edition CGPs”) were released in February this year and will take effect for...

14 October 2019

The ultimate panacea for faulty paperwork

Discovery of such omissions can lead to very stressful situations for the people involved. Thankfully, a little-known section of the Corporations Act can assist in times like...

14 October 2019

New $30,000 SPP cap – what does this mean for Boards?

In a year where institutional placements and SPPs have proved particularly popular, this higher limit presents a great opportunity for Boards to use placements over entitlement offers without...

14 October 2019

ASIC’s Governance Foray: Reports on Oversight of Non-financial Risk and the Influence of Board Mindsets and Behaviours

ASIC’s Corporate Governance Taskforce, set up in the aftermath of the Financial Services Royal Commission with additional Federal Government funding, has released its first reports.

14 October 2019

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