27 February 2020


Artificial Intelligence or “AI” is the next great technology trend that promises to transform the way we do business and, indeed, function as a society. Whereas today we humans still tell machines what to do, the growing use of AI is ushering us towards a future in which machines figure things out for themselves. Clearly this will
have significant legal, as well as societal, implications.

In broad terms, we use “AI” to refer to technology that can do things that would usually require a human being. This does not necessarily mean that AI technologies will have human-like intelligence, but rather that they can replicate the results of human-like intelligence. Indeed, the first phase of AI technology will essentially be advanced data processing based on “machine learning” whereby computers will be trained to pick up patterns and correlations from a given data set in a way that allows them to replicate human decision-making, even though they are not using the same type of thought processes or reasoning that a human would.

In this publication we look at the key building blocks of a machine learning system and identify some of the unique legal and ethical issues that they present.

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