03 March 2016

Directions 2016: Current issues and challenges facing Australian directors and Boards

It is not easy being a director in 2016 and Australian directors and Boards are regularly reminded of the challenge of how to best add value to an organisation in a low growth, volatile, digitally disrupted environment.

Supported by the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Directions 2016 captures the survey responses of over 300 directors (during November-December 2015) across a wide range of sectors and industries.

As one survey respondent noted, “Low growth does not just create the need for new innovation… it provokes a suite of conversations and initiatives about the core of the business too… and who within the organisation should be doing what in response.”

The report looks at a range of issues and challenges facing Australian directors and Boards as they strive for growth in 2016 and beyond, covering: talent, digital disruption, corporate culture, stakeholder influence and cross border investment.

Download the full report below.

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