30 September 2020

Privacy Law Update 2019-2020

Few aspects of our daily lives have been left unchallenged by the COVID-19 pandemic. From a privacy perspective, issues to do with contact tracing, digital surveillance, and the security of online working tools have all risen to the fore.

The 2020 edition of KWM’s annual privacy law review explores the privacy implications of COVID-19, along with a number of other important privacy-related developments. We analyse emerging consumer litigation risks stemming from the ACCC’s growing interest in data, look at ongoing trends regarding notification of data breaches, review of recent determinations by the Australian Information Commissioner, and flag the potential rise of ‘data-nationalism’ – a trend emerging real-time in the case of TikTok. While predicting the future may well be a fool’s game, we also look forward to further changes we may expect in this space over the next year and beyond.

The review was written by Michael Swinson, Cheng Lim, Patrick Gunning, Bryony Evans, Cal Samson, Madeline Close, Madeline Howard, Alison Thompson, James McGrath, Lauren Murphy & Luke Hawthorne. Special thanks to Cal Samson for his role as editor.

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