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Red Tape | Corruption contagion - tip of the iceberg

Intellectual Property

Red Tape | Corruption contagion - tip of the iceberg

In high profile cases, the cost of regulatory investigation may just be the beginning of a much longer (and more expensive) story.

13 January 2016

Red Tape | Website-blocking injunctions to combat the increasing risk of online copyright infringement

We focus on website blocking injunctions, as one measure that has been used or introduced to tackle online copyright infringement.

13 January 2016

Hackers cause recall of 1.4 million cars

On Friday 24 July 2015, Fiat Chrysler issued the recall of 1.4 million vehicles after cybersecurity researchers demonstrated they could hack into a Jeep Cherokee.

29 July 2015

UPC fees consultation launched

The likely success of the proposed Unified Patent Court and Unitary Patent regime depends to a very large extent on the costs involved in relation to: ...

CJEU rejects Spain’s challenge to Unitary Patent Regime

The Court of Justice of the European Union yesterday dismissed Spain’s jurisdictional challenge to the Unitary Patent Regulation

Blackrock phrase blocked

Roberto Pescador’s article in ITMA Review on the decision in Blackrock Inc v OHIM re a slogan mark.

01 May 2015

Court finds simple Rubik solution

Nina O’Sullivan and Vikki Leitch’s article in ITMA Review on the decision in Simba Toys v OHIM (relating to the shape of Rubik's Cube).

01 May 2015

Court grants blocking order against Popcorn Time websites

The Court has made the latest website blocking order, in relation to 'Popcorn Time’ websites.

29 April 2015

Provisional agreement reached on EU trade mark reform package

The European Parliament, Council and Commission have reached a provisional agreement on proposals to reform EU trade mark law.

22 April 2015

Court of Appeal makes second reference to CJEU in relation to TV Catchup

The Court of Appeal has made a second reference to the Court of Justice in relation to the TV Catchup live streaming service.

02 April 2015

SCRABBLE v SCRAMBLE: Mattel and Zynga on appeal

The Court of Appeal has decided that Mattel’s SCRAMBLE trade mark is infringed by Zynga’s Scramble and Scramble with Friends app.

01 April 2015

IP Informed: Developments in EU & UK Copyright Law

This edition of IP Informed reviews recent developments in EU and UK copyright law and practice, and highlights forthcoming cases and reform proposals.

19 March 2015

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