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Bail-In and Brexit

This article considers what might happen to the Bail-in Clause post Brexit

17 October 2016

Healthy mid-market lending

In this Leveraged Finance Briefing, Ian Borman discusses the state of the mid-market leveraged sector.

17 October 2016

MiFID II - changes to transaction reporting

Significant revisions to the transaction reporting requirements under MiFID.

12 October 2016

Employers’ obligations to breastfeeding mothers: case update

Breastfeeding mothers succeed in indirect discrimination claim against their employer: King & Wood Mallesons report

10 October 2016

New rules on references in the regulated financial services sector

The FCA and PRA publish final rules on references in the regulated financial services sector

10 October 2016

Commission and holiday pay: Court of Appeal uphold EAT decision

The Court of Appeal rule in Lock v British Gas holiday pay case: King & Wood Mallesons update

10 October 2016

Mandatory Trading in Derivatives under MiFID II

MiFID II introduces a mandatory trading requirement for certain MiFID derivatives contracts to be traded on prescribed trading venues.

03 October 2016

How hard can Brexit be?

What might a "hard" Brexit look like for private equity and venture capital firms in the UK?

28 October 2016

Case Report: German Supreme Court upholds CAS arbitration agreement and award

German Supreme Court upholds CAS arbitration agreement and award – finding CAS tribunals to be independent and impartial.

15 September 2016

Case Report: landmark Spanish judgment on Article IV of the New York Convention

Madrid Court of Appeal takes pro-arbitration view of Article IV NYC – showing parties' intention to arbitrate is crucial.

15 September 2016

Case Report: Murphy Exploration & Production Company-International v The Republic of Ecuador, May 16

Tribunal rules on Ecuador windfall tax; recognising State's power to respond to significant fluctuations in the oil market (within limits).

15 September 2016

Case Report: English Court allows retrospective extension of time limit in LCIA award

This case is a reminder for parties to clearly indicate all parties to a contract and to pick up on ambiguities in an award at an early stage.

15 September 2016

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