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Missed it by that much

Previous bulletins have noted the timing difficulties inherent in applying the statutory charge provisions contained in Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1946 (NSW) s 6 (and cognate legislation...

01 January 2013

Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive – six months and counting

There are now only six months remaining before EU Member States must implement national legislation transposing the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (“AIFMD”) into national law.The implementation date...

01 January 2013

IT Procurement: the three key phases

A typical IT procurement includes 3 phases: planning & scoping of services, the tender process itself, and contract negotiation & finalisation.

01 August 2016







Draft legislation reflects Harper recommendation to streamline formal merger clearance process

A key recommendation of the Harper Review was the combination and streamlining of the current merger authorisation process with a revamped formal merger clearance process.

05 September 2016

Draft Harper legislation to redefine competition law in Australia

Australia’s Federal Government today released Exposure Draft legislation in response to the Harper Panel Review of Australia’s Competition Laws.

05 September 2016

Part IIIA - Federal Government responds to criticism of the test for third party access declaration

The changes to Australia's competition law will allow the responsible Minister to make decisions that better take into account economic realities rather than hypothetical possibilities.

05 September 2016

Section 46 changes to crack down on misuse of market power in Australian competition law

The re-framing of section 46 in the draft Harper legislation represents one of the most substantial, and potentially significant, changes to the CCA.

05 September 2016

ACCC to create “safe harbours” with new class exemption powers

Newly proposed class exemption laws in the Government's draft Harper competition law legislation will enable the ACCC to create “safe harbours” in relation to particular types conduct.

05 September 2016

High Court reinstates Baden-Clay's murder conviction

In a unanimous joint judgment, the Court allowed the Crown’s appeal, overturning the Queensland Court of Appeal’s judgment and restoring the jury’s original conviction of murder.

31 August 2016

Proposed Harper Amendment – Introducing a concerted practices ban

Federal Government confirms its intention to introduce a new prohibition in the CCA banning concerted practices which have the purpose or effect of substantially lessening competition.

05 September 2016

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