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Referentenentwurf zur Einführung elektronischer Wertpapiere

Foreign Direct Investment: Changes in Singapore

This article was written by Nick Davies.Have there been any recent changes to the Foreign Investment rules in Singapore?No. Singapore’s long-standing economic development policy is based on a...

24 July 2020

Foreign Direct Investment: Changes in India

This article was written by Caitlin SharpHave there been any recent changes to the Foreign Investment rules in India?Yes, on 17 April 2020 the Indian Government by way...

24 July 2020

Self-driving Cars: How to Deal with Privacy?

The issue of balancing the modern concern of privacy and the pressure to not hinder the next great industrial revolution will be increasingly pressing.

16 July 2020

China: Beauty Revolution - New Regulations Announced for Cosmetics

The cosmetics market in China is growing bigger each year. To address issues such as product safety and quality, the PRC authorities finally passed new regulations to better...

30 June 2020

Fighting Back: What to Do When Things Fall Apart

Fighting with your Chinese partners in post-COVID China can be a disaster... if you let it. Many international companies are finding their relationships with Chinese JV partners or...

24 June 2020

Singapore Expands Arbitration Options to Include Law of the Sea Disputes

This article was written by Patric McGonigal and Ramon Garcia-Gallardo.At a virtual ceremony on 11 June 2020, Singapore's Minister for Home Affairs and Law, K Shanmugam SC and...

22 June 2020

Is Your Contract Fit for Purpose?

Increasing numbers of international businesses are looking at China as a means to expand their footprint but also as a new revenue stream. Why contracts matter in China...

18 June 2020

Autonome Autos: Rechtliche Aspekte hinsichtlich Datenerhebung, -auswertung und -übermittlung

Chinas Bemühungen hinsichtlich der Verbesserung von Cyber Security und Datenschutz nehmen Fahrt auf. Autonome Autos erfassen und übertragen gigantische Datenmengen.

16 Juni 2020

Enter the Dragon: How China Mobile Gaming Market Got Practically More Complicated

Obtaining the gaming publication number became an important and necessary hurdle for companies wishing to release mobile games in China.

05 June 2020

China: Kartierung der Zukunft

Aktuelle Herausforderungen und Trends bei der Kartenerstellung für autonome Fahrzeuge

02 Juni 2020

Legal Issues Surrounding China's Self-Driving Cars - Mark Schaub, KWM China Law Podcast

Mark Schaub discusses the opportunities for foreign carmakers in China, how autonomous vehicles and national security are linked, the emergence of self-driving car fleets, and more.

21 May 2020

China’s Digital Opportunity

Across all metrics (age, location, social class, income level, etc.), digital is changing how we work, consume entertainment, learn, shop and communicate

20 May 2020
Dieser Inhalt ist auf Deutsch nicht verfügbar