UPC court fees and recoverable costs announced


Finland ratifies the UPC

Finland has become the ninth Member State to ratify the Unified Patent Court Agreement.

Unitary Patent: Agreement reached on ‘distribution key'

Member states have agreed the distribution of renewal fees for the Unitary Patent.

The UPC and Unitary Patent: How close are we to implementation?

With the UPC expected to be in operation from early 2017, what are the key outstanding issues?

A Unitary SPC… and a recalibration?

The Commission confirms it is considering introduction of a Unitary SPC and consider recalibration of the SPC regime.

UPC Preparatory Committee finalises Rules of Procedure

The UPC Preparatory Committee has confirmed that the 18th draft of the Rules of Procedure have been adopted as the agreed text.

02 November 2015

18th draft of the UPC Rules of Procedure issued

UPC Preparatory Committee considers 18th draft of Rules of Procedure.

Portugal becomes 8th Member State to ratify the UPC

Portugal ratifies the UPC Agreement.

18 August 2015

UK Government announces location of London UPC court

UK Government confirms Aldgate will be the home of UPC in the UK.

18 August 2015

UPC Preparatory Committee clarification on effect of opt-out

The UPC Preparatory Committee has provided guidance on the opt-out and transitional period in relation to standard European patents.