Cross Border Investment

Aktuelle Entwicklung der deutschen Auslandsinvestitionskontrolle

Gesellschaftsrecht, Private Equity, M&A und Wirtschaftrecht

Aktuelle Entwicklung der deutschen Auslandsinvestitionskontrolle

Deutschland verschärft das Transaktionsumfeld für ausländische Investoren weiter

05 Februar 2019

Changes to foreign investment control in Germany?

According to minister Altmaier, the German government seeks to obtain more details about who is involved in takeovers of German businesses and the intention of such investors

16 August 2018

Autonomous Cars - Opportunities and Challenges in Germany

On autonomous vehicles, Germany is still playing the leading role.

22 January 2018

W&I insurance as strategic tool for Chinese outbound transactions to Germany

We expect the importance of W&I insurance for Chinese outbound M&A to further increase.

11 April 2017

The vital role of the European Investment Fund

The EIF has become invaluable for many venture and smaller buyout funds; a number of which may not have been raised without the EIF's cornerstone investment and subsequent...

11 November 2016

European regulator takes action on venture capital passporting fees

Under AIFMD, marketing a private equity or venture capital fund in the EU has either got somewhat easier, or considerably harder – depending on access to a marketing...

04 November 2016

Zur Ausfallhaftung der Mitgesellschafter bei einverständlicher Einziehung

KWM Partner Dr. Franz Schaefer (München) hat einen Aufsatz zur Ausfallhaftung der Mitgesellschafter bei einverständlicher Einziehung veröffentlicht.

12 Oktober 2016

The AIFMD’s “third country passport”

The AIFMD’s “third country passport” may be available in some non-EU countries relatively soon, but questions remain on how to opt in and what happens to National Private...

30 September 2016

Preparing for tougher global private equity regulation

To mark the milestone of the 700th edition of Private Equity Comment we welcome Michael Collins, Invest Europe’s Public Affairs Director as guest author.

09 September 2016

Anti-bribery and corruption guide: Germany

An up to date guide to the anti-bribery and corruption policy in Germany.

01 August 2016

Keeping calm, and carrying on: reactions to Brexit outside the UK

A brief overview of reactions from Europe on the impact of Brexit on the private equity and venture capital industry

30 June 2016

Die wirtschaftliche Neugründung bei Verwendung von Börsenmänteln und ihre registerrechtlichen Voraussetzungen

Franz Schaefer und Sandra Link haben einen Fachbeitrag in der DStR zur wirtschaftlichen Neugründung bei Verwendung von Börsenmänteln veröffentlicht.

31 Mai 2016