Silver Investment übernimmt ALVARA Cash Management


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According to minister Altmaier, the German government seeks to obtain more details about who is involved in takeovers of German businesses and the intention of such investors

16 August 2018

On autonomous vehicles, Germany is still playing the leading role.

22 January 2018

German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) issues a “consumer warning” on Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

30 November 2017


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KWM berät Silver Investment Partners beim Erwerb eines Mehrheitsanteils an ALVARA Cash Management Group AG.

08 Oktober 2018

KWM hat die Gesellschafter der TIM CONSULT GmbH, eine internationale Logistik-Beratung, beim Zusammenschluss mit der Transporeon Group beraten

08 Oktober 2018

KWM hat Argos Wityu beim Erwerb eines Mehrheitsanteils an der aktivoptik-Gruppe, die fünftgrößte Optiker- und Akustiker-Kette in Deutschland, beraten.

29 August 2018


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We explore the impact of China's Belt and Road initiative on international arbitration.

22 May 2017

China’s significance in today’s global economy calls for businesses to understand the realities of enforcing a judgment against Chinese-held assets.

26 October 2016

The sixth edition of Crossing Borders, our review of developments in international arbitration, focuses on the enforcement of arbitration awards.

07 October 2016


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