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KWM employment team possesses practical and systematic legal knowledge and experience in labour and employment law. We advise on various labour law matters. We provide legal advice and services in these areas that address both regulatory compliance and commercial operational feasibility. In addition, we help resolve labour and employment disputes and handle arbitration and litigation matters. We have gained solid experience and established a proprietary case management system. We apply litigation experience and skills to non-contentious matters thereby enhancing client handling of employment and action plans.

Our team is comprised of leading Chinese employment lawyers. By ensuring the compliance of present and future management and developing well-structured internal employment policies that are congruent with company culture, we help clients establish employment policies and compliance systems compatible with their strategic goals.

With our legal expertise and professionalism, we have been contributing to China’s legislation, judicial practice, administrative enforcement and legal research. We have worked closely and established a stable relationship with government authorities, legal research institutions and HR research institutions, enabling us to quickly grasp trends of legislation, understand the specific needs of our clients in China, and provide prompt and effective services.








Widely recognised practice praised for its deep knowledge and understanding of the needs of foreign investors and multinationals. Also well equipped to advise domestic entities and state-owned enterprises. Provides the full gamut of labour and employment services covering compliance, legislation and arbitration.

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