We help clients get the most from their patents

Our attorneys help clients evaluate how to make their patent assets match their business strategies so that they can maximise their returns on investment in patent protection.

Expertise in all major technical fields

With over 400 patents attorneys, patent agents and patent engineers, we cover all the major technical fields. These include telecommunications, computer science, semiconductor, internet technology, electronics and power, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology, chemicals, materials, automobiles, mechanicals and design.

We understand that clients demand a sophisticated, global approach to patent protection. Our China patent team, as part of our global intellectual property (IP) team, is committed to delivering comprehensive and integrated protection schemes. We help clients steer clear of pitfalls, avoid potential litigation, capture the full value of intangible assets, and maximise returns on their investment in patent assets.

Our China patent team advises multinational and national companies on IP issues from selecting, protecting and managing patents to developing patent assets. Our services include:

  • Patent applications (inventions, utility models and trade dress)
  • Patent re-examination and invalidation
  • Judicial review of administrative decisions
  • Patent validity and patent infringement
  • Patent rights enforcement through judicial and administrative channels and through customs
  • Patent retrieval and watch services (including prior art search, clearance search, subject matter search, legal status search, patent history search, and competitor’s patent portfolio watch)
  • Patent annuity management
  • Patent portfolio management.

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