Family Wealth Management and Inheritance

Offshore Family Trust Planning

Providing a full spectrum of services for offshore family trusts

With the constant growth of China's market economy and financial innovation, and the improvement of the legal environment, domestic family enterprises and high net worth individuals are seeing their assets increase daily.

How to orderly pass down and sustain family wealth has become a concern for a growing number of family founders and high net worth individuals. As an essential financial tool for family wealth management, offshore family trusts have become increasingly popular.

We also provide our clients with family wealth management and offshore trust legal services. Our ability to integrate a wide range of resources, including domestic and foreign laws and regulations, and trust structures in various offshore locations, allows us to provide a full range of premium offshore family trust legal services.

As a counsel, we provide a full range of trust legal services for our clients from proposal development through trust establishment. In the pre-establishment stage of a trust, we assist our clients in identifying the trust property, trust purpose, and family wealth management needs. In the trust establishment stage, we provide legal advice on the establishment of trust and trust deed documents, helping optimise the trust structure and improve the trust-related terms and conditions.

Our offshore family trust services cover:

  • Design and justification of offshore family trust structures
  • Establishment of offshore family trusts
  • Drafting and review of trust legal documents
  • Collaboration with tax experts to negotiate tax optimisation solutions
  • Legal due diligence on trust assets and other trust-related matters
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