Family Wealth Management and Inheritance

Crisis Response for Family Enterprises and Family Members

Providing comprehensive legal services for crisis in family wealth inheritance

Leveraging our exceptional team and their extensive legal experience in finance, securities, and dispute resolution, we provide integrated and customised crisis solutions to our clients.  We ensure our crisis solutions meet both regulatory compliance and corporate governance needs. We also help our clients navigate the legal complexities of criminal response, corporate control, administrative penalties, taxation, and marriage and inheritance.

In family wealth inheritance, a crisis may lead to significant negative impacts or even criminal risks. These risks could include crises in corporate operations caused by disputes over control, corporate management chaos resulting from criminal prosecutions, liability for production safety accidents, environmental pollution, and other major crises. In the first instance of a crisis, we offer a complete crisis management legal services package covering civil, administrative, criminal, and public relations issues.

Family enterprises are the source and foundation of family wealth. “Barbarians”, however, pose great risks to family wealth. As a law firm engaged in domestic and overseas corporate mergers and acquisitions for many years, we have a long track record of representing buyers and sellers in control acquisitions/anti-takeover, including hostile takeovers. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in resisting hostile takeovers and providing integrated crisis control solutions by using civil, administrative and criminal means.

As China continues to improve its tax legislation and tighten its tax regulation, high net worth individuals and their family enterprises may be more likely to attract the attention of tax authorities and thus may be subject to various forms of tax inspection. If the measures taken in response to a tax inspection are improper, they may face the risk of retroactive payment of taxes, tax administrative punishment and even tax-related criminal liability. Therefore, it is necessary for high-net-worth individuals and their family enterprises to resolve possible tax crises by responding proactively and effectively.

Our team includes dispute resolution lawyers focusing on family law and commercial disputes, as well as experts in compliance and investigations.

The members of our team have both extensive legal knowledge and practical experience in matrimonial matters and inheritance. By leveraging firm-wide resources, our team provides constructive and practical legal advice and solutions for family enterprises and high net worth clients.

Our services in crisis response mainly include:

  • Finding facts, collecting and preserving evidence, issuing crisis investigation reports and developing comprehensive crisis response plans
  • Dealing with the aftermath of a crisis based on the principle of stability
  • Monitoring public opinions and advising on legal issues involved in the control of public opinions
  • Offering internal assessments of client’s liability, legal risks, and possible consequences in the crisis
  • Explaining the applicable laws and precedent in detail, answering specific legal issues, introducing the judicial process and relevant legal rights and obligations to enhance the clients' ability to defend their rights

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