Dispute Resolution & Litigation Criminal Investigation and Defense

King & Wood Mallesons (KWM) criminal team features team-based service delivery

Thanks to strong management capabilities, a global office network, and firm-wide professional resources in various practice, KWM provides clients with comprehensive criminal legal services.

Based on an in-depth study of industries and sectors and extensive experience in large, complex cases, KWM has established itself as a leader in industry-specific criminal practice.

By focusing on demand for criminal law services in niche areas, we conduct comprehensive research into financial and securities crimes, intellectual property crimes, tax and environmental crimes, listed company crimes, duty crimes, among others. Aided by KWM’s digital working platform, we have created a systematic portfolio of service offerings.

The team consists of partners and associates who have rich experience in handling criminal cases. The team has long studied the latest trends of laws and regulations, policies and markets in related fields. The team members are regularly invited provide compliance training for large domestic and foreign enterprises. This allows the team to keep abreast of the latest theoretical developments and market trends, so that the team is well positioned to serve the needs of domestic and foreign clients.

Our services cover

  • Criminal defence and representation
  • Criminal compliance and criminal investigation
  • Criminal reporting and litigation representation
  • Criminal risk management and crime prevention
  • Comprehensive crisis response
  • Criminal-civil dispute resolution.

Meet our Team

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