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King & Wood Mallesons brings together partners and lawyers with more than a decade experiences in real estate and expertise in dealing with every aspect of real estate projects

KWM provides legal services for various types of clients, including real estate developers, construction companies, design enterprises, investment banks, funds, trusts, insurance companies, state-owned enterprises, private companies, government agencies, hotel owners, management companies, retailors and logistics enterprises.

Our real estate team provides full services across the entire sector. Leveraging our leading position in the Chinese market and our global network, we are able to provide clients with all-round legal services in respect of residential and office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, industrial buildings, corporate headquarters, warehouse properties, theatres, dining and entertainment facilities, stadiums, theme parks, and infrastructure. We advise on primary land development, urban renewal, cooperative development, franchising, construction, real estate financing, real estate M&A, large-scale property transactions, property rental, hotel management, disposal of non-performing assets, asset securitization, offshore investment, as well as the emerging public construction and property development through PPP.

We understand the Chinese market and client demands, and have the full range of expertise required for real estate transactions in China. Our lawyers are well positioned to help clients minimize risks, increase profits and achieve commercial objectives with their real estate, corporate, finance, environment and tax knowhow.

KWM has a team of real estate lawyers who understand the current market trend, and have profound legal knowledge and up-to-date project experience. More importantly, we are able to assist clients in achieving commercial goals with such strengths.

KWM’s real estate practice covers the full spectrum of the real estate sector. Our team is capable of providing comprehensive legal services for government agencies, state-owned enterprises, listed companies, and multinationals, and also has extensive experience in advising on foreign investment in the real estate industry.

We understand not only the unique needs of clients, but also China’s political, legal and commercial environment, and legislative principles, enforcement and judicial practices of Chinese laws and regulations, which enables us to offer constructive and innovative solutions to our clients. We provide solutions and insights on the latest regulatory developments and legislation in project countries or regions to help our clients make the best commercial decisions.

With rich experience in the field of real estate, our team is able to provide solutions to the legal obstacles that may be encountered in each specific project based on the understanding of the client's needs and the legal environment, and to assist the client to realize the commercial goals to the maximum extent within the legal and compliance framework. The real estate team work closely with other teams in the areas of tax, finance, securities, litigation and arbitration, to deliver more comprehensive legal services to clients.


Highly reputed for its deft handling of real estate matters, especially its outbound transactional experience. It has a rich client base, including leading developers and investors, and is highly sought after for assistance in international acquisitions. It also has a strong national presence across mainland China.

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