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Customs and Foreign Exchange

In recent years, law enforcement activities in the field of international trade and cross-border transaction have been very active worldwide

Enterprises are facing varying degrees of administration and restrictions imposed by both their host country and the foreign countries where they operate. More and more Chinese enterprises, multinational corporations and foreign-funded enterprises in China are following closely on the research of policies and practices on import and export administration, and striving to improve their international trade system, investment structure, import and export management, and cross-border flow of funds.

King & Wood Mallesons (KWM) Customs and Foreign Exchange team advises Chinese enterprises, multinational corporations, high-net-worth individuals and other clients on a full spectrum of customs and foreign exchange issues in trade, transactions and daily operation, as well as dispute resolution. Our team also assists clients in coping with government investigation and administrative punishment, applying for administrative reconsideration, instituting administrative litigation, and providing criminal defence. With leading expertise and experience, our team will use various social resources and international advantages to provide clients with the best solutions to protect their interests.

The team is supported by experienced and dedicated partners and lawyers based in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, and many other cities. Our team provides tailored services to meet clients’ comprehensive and complex demands.

Our services

  • Consulting on customs issues
  • Customs classification, valuation and COO
  • Processing trade, goods subjected to duty reduction and exemption, goods temporarily imported and exported
  • Customs special supervision zones (including Hainan Free Trade Port)
  • Export tax rebate and foreign exchange management
  • Entry-exit inspection and quarantine (including commodity inspection, animal and plant quarantine and health quarantine) and biological safety
  • Customs administration of enterprise credit
  • Cross-border e-commerce, luggage and postal articles
  • Filing and application for customs protection of intellectual property
  • Interpretation of customs new policies

Assisting with import and export compliance management

  • Internal compliance review of import and export business
  • Guidance on the compliance process of import and export
  • Customs planning and supply chain design
  • AEO authentication application and counselling
  • Customized import and export compliance training

Assisting with special customs affairs

  • Voluntary disclosure of irregularities
  • Application for customs advance rulings
  • Taxation policy research
  • Crisis response of import and export commodity quality issues

Representing clients in customs dispute cases

  • Settlement of tax disputes
  • Coping with customs investigation (customs audit, bonded inspection, customs investigation of IPR)
  • Coping with administrative punishment
  • Representing clients in administrative reconsideration cases
  • Representing clients in administration litigation cases
  • Representing clients in smuggling prosecution cases

Providing solutions for foreign exchange management

  • Establishment of transaction structures
  • Daily consultation and advice for risk prevention
  • Planning of cross-border flow of funds
  • Compliance review/due diligence of foreign exchange management business
  • Approval, registration and filing related to foreign exchange
  • Coping with remaining issues of major projects
  • Coping with and settling government investigations

Representing clients in administrative reconsiderations and litigation


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