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With the rapid development of the Chinese market and the expansion of Chinese enterprises, China steadily promotes the “Bringing in” and “Going global" strategy for many years

 In this context, both the scale of foreign investments in China and overseas investments by Chinese enterprises are on the rise. Meanwhile, governments around the world have put forward increasingly strict regulatory requirements on the corporate compliance, making investment compliance a key concern for many clients.

King & Wood Mallesons has a leading full-service compliance team in China with rich experience in advising on cross-border investments. We provide clients with "one-stop" legal solutions to their compliance issues arising in the investment process, including formulating compliance investment plans and structures, assisting in the approval process and compliance review of overseas investment, providing compliance training for day-to-day management, assisting companies in conducting internal compliance investigations, and responding to compliance investigations or sanctions initiated by domestic and foreign regulatory authorities.

Being at the forefront of the Chinese market, we are familiar with Chinese legal policies and government regulatory approval procedures. As a result, we are able to provide the most specialized and localized compliance advice for multinationals investing in China, and develop customized compliance solutions for Chinese enterprises in cross-border investments. With our global network, we are well versed in the laws, regulations, industry policies and other compliance requirements in the destinations of foreign investments to ensure a smooth run of the projects.

Our services include

Foreign Investment Compliance

  • Performing registration, information reporting and other administrative procedures;
  • Developing compliance plans in accordance with laws, regulations and industry policies;
  • Assisting companies in building compliance operation systems based on industry characteristics;
  • Providing compliance training on day-to-day management of companies;
  • Assisting companies with internal compliance investigations;
  • Advising on anti-trust, cybersecurity and data, tax, labour, and environment compliance

Cross-border Investment Compliance

  • Developing compliance plans, and setting up a global compliance system;
  • Assisting companies in completing the domestic approval procedures for cross-border investment and funds transfer;
  • Assisting companies in completing the approval procedures in the destinations of overseas investment;
  • Advising on foreign laws and regulations, industry policies, etc.;
  • Responding to investigations or sanctions initiated by foreign governments and regulatory authorities
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