Compliance & Regulatory

Customs and Trade Compliance

Providing solutions to reduce risks and resolve disputes on customs and trade compliance

With specialists that have expertise and practical experience in China’s customs and trade compliance and the relevant disputes resolution, we help resolve both day-to-day issues and complex disputes in the customs and trade compliance field.

KWM compliance and regulatory team is known for its ability to provide both specialized and comprehensive legal dispute services. We assist with the early health-check and identification of potential issues which pose significant legal risks and we provide robust and innovative solutions for trade and customs-related risk management of industry compliance. We provide compliance advice and rectification programs for the import and export business involved in daily management, large mergers and acquisitions or listing. We can help clients to optimise import-export model and supply chain management and to level up customs credit rating to improve cost control. We also conduct in-house training on corporate customs and trade compliance.

Regardless of whether client is facing normalized or sudden disputes with customs management and import and export, such as customs valuation, customs auditing, anti-smuggling investigations or criminal investigations for alleging smuggling offenses, we have the extensive experience, social resources and international reach necessary to provide you with solutions to maximize the protection of your legal rights in international trade matters. We will equip your company with integrated professional legal services in respect of customs law, administrative law and criminal law.

Our clients include world-renowned Chinese and foreign corporations, large  multinationals, import and export trading companies, cross-border e-commerce companies, production-oriented companies, processing trade companies and companies in the customs special supervision area. We also provide services for other foreign enterprises involved in China’s import and export trade markets.

In the area of customs and trade compliance we have expertise in

  • Customs valuation and commodity classification
  • Customs tax collection and supervision
  • Processing trade and handbook (e-book) management
  • Supply chain operating model
  • Application and compliance on customs special supervision zone policies
  • Cross-border e-commerce supervision and compliance
  • Import and export licenses and quotas
  • Customs protection of intellectual property rights
  • Free trade agreements
  • Place of origin
  • Import & export commodities inspection and quarantine
  •  Enterprise credit management by the customs

We provide the following legal services

  • Plans on customs duty and import & export matters
  • Conduct due diligence on corporate customs and trade compliance practice
  • Providing general legal advice on the day-to-day customs and trade compliance matters
  • Devising and optimising corporate customs and trade compliance disciplines and processes
  • Providing professional training on corporate customs and trade practice
  • Optimising import and export and supply chain operating model
  • Assessment and consultation on customs certified enterprises
  • Responding to customs valuation cases
  • Responding to customs audit and anti-smuggling investigations
  • Bringing customs administrative reviews
  • Bringing customs administrative proceedings of litigation and review
  • Acting on smuggling criminal cases
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