Paul McBride has a broad banking and finance practice specialising in structured finance including securitisation, asset-based lending, derivatives and structured products across various asset classes. Paul also advises on vanilla debt capital markets transactions.

Paul's clients include arrangers, originators, issuers, swap counterparties, rating agencies, lenders, borrowers and investors.

Paul's expertise includes

  • Securitisations backed by many asset types across jurisdictions including residential and commercial mortgage loans, personal loans, auto loans, credit card receivables, trade receivables, insurance receivables, floor plan receivables, corporate loans and bond portfolios.
  • Establishment of and issues under series segregated secured MTN and vanilla MTN programmes and ABCP and CP programmes.
  • Derivative master, credit support and trade documentation including ISDA, GMRA and GMSLA.
  • Acting for ISDA in drafting product specific definitions.
  • Corporate derivatives and equity, rates, FX, bond, commodity and credit derivatives including Asia's first property derivative.
  • Asset based trade finance using documentary credits, lending, repurchase and prepayment funding structures.
  • Cross border PRC financings.
  • Straight corporate debt and equity-linked issues.