Getting Deal Through: Gas Regulation in Spain, 2018

Spain's natural gas sector policies and legal regime are primarily governed by the EU through Directive 2009/73/EC concerning common rules for the internal market in natural gas and repealing Directive 2003/55/EC. The energy policies behind this Directive are mainly focused on ensuring the security and safe supply of Energy at the lowest possible cost.

Gonzalo Olivera and Alberto Artés cover Gas Regulation in Spain for 2018 in the publication Getting the Deal Through.

New regulations in China designed to encourage innovation in clinical trials have made it easier to test human samples in a lab setting.

19 May 2022

In light of Australia’s sanctions on the Russian Federation, it is in every Australian business’ interest to be prepared to pivot in response to this changing landscape.

21 March 2022

– Gonzalo Olivera, Partner, regulated sector expert, Madrid

19 August 2021