Berkeley Cox


Brisbane, Australia

Berkeley is a Partner based in our Brisbane office.

Berkeley served as the Australian firm’s Chief Executive Partner from 2017 to 2022 and prior to that led the Financial Services Sector and various practice groups.  As Chief Executive, through a period of strong growth for the firm, Berkeley:

  • drove development of the firm’s digital Transformation agenda in the face of disruption in the legal industry,
  • on people strategy, focussed deeply on the links between well-being and performance which became even more real during COVID, and 
  • emphasised the importance of the firm’s Community Impact Program particularly as it relates to supporting First Nations peoples and communities.

Berkeley became a partner of KWM in 2001 after a few years in the United States in the late 90’s working in financial markets for a New York based law firm.   His practice included debt capital markets, funds management, structured finance, securitisation and derivatives.

In next phase of his career Berkeley’s plans include drawing on his business and legal experience to help capture the potential of new technologies in the face of old world infrastructure and mindset.   Examples include blockchain technology and the development of the DeFi landscape under it (including the funding of real world assets), the evolution of Web3 (including the Metaverse) and transforming the way in which quality legal advice can be delivered by Big Law.

Berkeley will also continue to respectfully and actively support First Nations communities in a manner consistent with the principles embodied in the National Agreement on Closing the Gap.

Berkeley currently serves as a Director of Workplace Giving Australia and Corporate Mental Health Alliance, Australia and is a member of the First Nations Working Group of Act for Kids. 

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