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Taipei City, located in the Taipei Basin in the northern part of Taiwan Island, is the political, economic, cultural, tourism, industrial, commercial and communication center in the Taiwan region

As the core of the development of Taiwan's metropolitan areas, the city hosts the headquarters of the largest companies, banks, stores and other major organizations on the Island. Taiwan is recognized as a developed economy by the World Bank, IMF, and CIA World Factbook. The region boasts well-developed manufacturing and high-tech industries, leading the world in semiconductor, IT, communications, and electronic precision manufacturing sectors. Its cultural and creative industry is also renowned domestically and internationally. In the recent years, new technology industry has become vital economic lifeline of the region, playing an important role in the global industrial chain.

KWM Taipei CloudOffice is set up to leverage the key role of Taipei as a financial, media and telecommunication operation center in the Taiwan region. Relying on our global network and our regional strength in the Mainland China and the Southeast Asia, we provide a full spectrum of one-stop legal services in corporate business, securities, and dispute resolution to support the development of well-developed industries, including electronic precision instruments, integrated circuits, semiconductors, IT and communications, and facilitate the industrial transformation and upgrading in the region. In addition, we also focus on excellent and efficient legal services in the six emerging industries of tourism, healthcare, biotechnology, green energy, cultural creativity and quality agriculture, and ten service industries.

*KWM Taipei CloudOffice does not provide legal advice in relation to, or practice, Taiwan law in any form.