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Ningbo is the economic center and chemical base on the southern wing of the Yangtze River Delta

As a sub-provincial city in Zhejiang province, and a city separately listed in the national plan, it is also an important port city along China's southeast coast and the port of departure of the Maritime Silk Road in ancient China. The city is striving for high-quality development of the private economy, and is taking concrete steps to implement the outline of the integrated regional development of the Yangtze River Delta. The local government in Ningbo has set the objectives to have more domestic and foreign listed enterprises, serve the enterprises precisely and efficiently, and foster the development of emerging industries. Ningbo is ramping up efforts to support the growth in healthcare and industrial internet sectors. In response to a series of objectives and positioning, Ningbo has proposed to promote the construction of the national inclusive financial reform pilot zone, continue to expand the coverage of financing benefits, invest in more support for high-tech enterprises, and develop cutting-edge industries, such as artificial intelligence, space information and blockchain, and their application scenarios.

Relying on the strong KWM network in East China and even across the country and the firm’s global resources and platform, Ningbo CloudOffice provides high-quality legal services in areas of intellectual property, securities, customs and trade, and maritime. Ningbo CloudOffice continues to follow up on the pace of overall development of local industries, and assists in local highly promising pillar industries, such as high-tech, manufacturing and agriculture. With multilateral cooperation established with governmental agencies, legal service organizations and industry associations in the Belt & Road countries, KWM Belt & Road Center for International Cooperation and Facilitation also provides impetus to the development of Ningbo and has become a reliable platform for clients to access high-quality professional services anytime and anywhere.