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Hainan FTP is a free trade port with Chinese characteristics built from the free trade zone across the entire island of Hainan in accordance with the central government's deployment

The establishment of Hainan FTP is a major decision made by the CPC Central Committee considering the overall landscape of international and domestic development. According to the national planning, Hainan will accelerate the reform of mechanisms and systems in the areas of urban and rural integration, human resources, tax and finance, income distribution, and state-owned enterprises. The province will set up trading venues for international energy, shipping, commodities, property, equity, and carbon emission rights, and develop the next-generation of IT industry and digital economy to promote the deep integration of the internet, Internet of Things, big data, satellite navigation, and artificial intelligence with the real economy.

In response to the national strategy and guidelines and leveraging the geographical and policy advantages of the Hainan FTP, KWM Hainan FTP CloudOffice works with our Sanya, Haikou and other physical offices to promote a more optimized business environment and sounder legal and regulatory systems in policy orientation, tax and finance, infrastructure, energy and environment protection, as well as IT. We will support the Hainan FTP to achieve a new height for China’s opening-up, making it a high-level free trade port with strong international influence. Hainan FTP CloudOffice provides a full range of high-quality legal services in the areas of financial capital, cross-border investment and M&A, real estate and infrastructure, dispute resolution, intellectual property, digital economy and new infrastructure, as well as in local featured sectors such as biomedicine, tourism, free trade port and free trade zone.