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Meeting consumer demands and overcoming disruption

KWM advises on the full product lifecycle and works with clients in every stage of the production, movement, buying and selling of goods. It is this connectivity throughout the supply chain which defines our Industrials and Consumer sector expertise.

In the consumer and retail sector, customers come first.

Organisations in this sector are constantly needing to adapt to fast-changing business conditions responding to pressures for innovative product development, new technologies, supply chain enhancements and business transformation. The pace of change is not a new phenomenon but has accelerated in recent times and businesses who stand still and can’t look around corners will be left behind.

As the drive for leaner processes, increased efficiencies and reduced costs, improved time to market and safety as well as greater quality is weighed against greater focus on regulator control and climate concerns; consumer and retail businesses need to operate in an environment which is increasingly technology-driven, manages its supply chain holistically and is pressurised by regulators and consumers alike

We view our client’s consumer businesses from all angles and bring the full strength of our business to theirs – it’s a complete service. We work with some of the world’s biggest brands, retailers and ecommerce providers, delivering on the ground support for their day-to-day operations but also supporting them against the backdrop of disruption. Our clients include many of the disruptors as well as established brands as they transform and evolve in order to continue to meet the continuously changing dynamics of their markets. Creating a strong brand identity, battling for shelf/digital space, leveraging new product categories, harnessing data collection, storage and usage to ensure data driven supply chains, navigating cyber risks and growing the customer base are also high on the agenda. 

With our experienced intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, anti-trust and regulatory, commercial and employment lawyers, we understand every facet of our consumer and retail clients’ businesses.


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