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Unique commercial understanding and exceptional client service

As economies become increasingly volatile across the globe and changes in regulation there is an increased risk and uncertainty for our clients.

Whether it’s the plain vanilla documentation of Letters of Credit or more complex synthetic securitisations – we can help.   Our Australian team’s expertise in trade, commodity and export finance law ranges from helping financial institutions to develop their product offering, to working with leading corporates across a range of sectors.

Support clients on domestic and international complex solutions

We can help both domestic and international clients get their goods to where they are needed quickly and effectively. So, for example, this could involve providing you with up-to-date market intelligence on trade flows or helping to devise highly structured and technical financing products.

A range of lenders, borrowers and export credit agencies benefit from our trade, commodities and export finance lawyers’ advice. In particular we work with clients in the natural resources sector (including coal, nickel, bauxite, iron ore, zinc, copper, aluminium, lead and oil). And we advise clients in the soft commodities and agriculture sector (including wheat, grain, sugar and food production).

Our legal advice on trade, commodities and export finance covers:

  • Letters of credit (LOC) – advising, safekeeping, confirmation, checking and documentation
  • Pre-export finance
  • Export bills
  • Export credit agency (ECA) financing
  • Import bills
  • Shipping guarantees
  • Import financing performance bonds 
  • Bills of lading 
  • Factoring and forfaiting 
  • Credit derivatives
  • Synthetic securitisations.

Work highlights

  • HSBC on US$15 million secured Trade Finance Facility for the purpose of financing Sino Nickel’s purchase of metal ore shipments from suppliers.
  • HSBC on US$70 million secured Trade Finance and Documentary Credit Facility to finance Yunnan Copper’s purchase of metal ore shipments from suppliers.
  • EFIC in connection with many facilities for export credit support by way of letters of credit / guarantees to facilitate Australian exports.
  • An Australian bank providing facilities to Chinese banks to support the provision of trade finance facilities by Chinese banks to Chinese companies.
  • An Australian bank in preparation of its standard trade finance documents for use in its Hong Kong business and also an international bank in preparation of its standard trade finance documents for use in its China business.
  • A syndicate of international banks providing syndicated trade finance facilities to Trafigura VB (the international commodities trading house).
  • a number of Australian and international banks in connection with financing of commodities such as grain, wheat, barley, sorghum, and canola to various companies such as AWB, Graincorp, Gavilon Grain, Manildra, Emerald and Cargill.
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