International Trade

Unlocking global opportunities

Optimising international trade and investment in response to the ever-changing global context requires lawyers who not only understand international law, but who can offer a deep understanding of the economic, political, cultural and technological developments affecting businesses. A sophisticated international trade and investment practice combined with years of experience enables us to find the best solution to your legal or commercial problem and connect you to the global opportunity that is right for your business.

As a leading international firm, we are committed to supporting cross-border trade and investment in evolving physical and digital trade corridors to further leverage significant growth opportunities for our clients.

Whether you are seeking diversification, new investments, multilateral trade prospects or untapped potential, Asia will continue to present unique opportunities. Yet, doing business in one of the world’s fastest growing economies amid rapidly changing markets is complex.

Unparalleled access to Asia

As the only international law firm headquartered in Asia, our understanding of Asia, or Asia Intelligence as we call it, is second to none. We view it as our mission to help our clients to unlock opportunities in the region – for their businesses and people. Advising across the entire spectrum of legal services, no other law firm can offer the same level of insight and connection on the ground in Asia.

Keeping international trade & investment flowing

Our advice on international trade & investment law includes:

  • Cross border mergers and acquisitions, merger clearances and international financing
  • Foreign investment laws
  • Sanctions, embargoes and export controls
  • International ecommerce and digital trade
  • Trade defence instruments (anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguards)
  • Customs compliance, rules of origin and prohibited / restricted goods
  • WTO litigation and alternative dispute resolution 
  • Negotiation and implementation of trade agreements
  • Market access and trade barriers 
  • Bilateral investment treaties
  • Supply chain management and international procurement of goods and services
  • Responding to political risks and protecting against expropriation
  • Transfer pricing and supply chain taxation.

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