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The best defence is practical security

We live in an information age. Today, almost every action we take - whether making a phone call, sending an email, browsing a website, paying for groceries, visiting a doctor or booking a flight - generates some form of information record that will be filed away in an electronic database for future reference.

In the world of business, access to and control of this information has never been more important as companies protect the confidentiality of their customer data, business plans, market strategies and proprietary technologies in order to maintain an edge over their competition.

No matter the size of your IT department, or the amount of money you have invested in your cyber security defences, it is impossible to guarantee that you will be immune from data security breaches. As the world economy continues to be revolutionised by advances in information technology, our expectation is that the number and frequency of these incidents will continue to grow.

It is important to have a partner who understands the value of data and has extensive experience and a track record in the technology sector. We have advised clients on many cyber and privacy incidents, large and small, in Australia and in the APAC region. We are members of our clients' cyber incident management teams, allowing us to give immediate advice and guidance on handling data breach incidents. We work closely with forensic IT investigators to understand and manage the causes and likely impacts of cyber incidents.

Helping you through a crisis

We have seen recent examples of how a business can be crippled by a cyber-attack. As one of the largest and leading technology law firms in the country, partnering with us will ensure you are navigated through the complex data protection laws by our national team of lawyers and specialists with relevant local and international experience.

Our team comprises of market leaders who are cyber, technology, data and privacy specialists with demonstrated capability in a wide range of data-rich organisations such as leading banks, financial institutions, telcos, media companies, insurance companies and energy retailers.

Readiness to respond to data breaches

We are very well placed to understand companies which are significant users of consumer data. It is inevitable they will be faced with a challenging data breach scenario (homegrown or inherited from an acquired business) and preparation for how to respond to these situations will be key, with clear processes and accountabilities.

We can help you with:

  • Data breach response support
  • Data breach response plans
  • Data breach response checklists
  • Data breach response notification templates
  • M&A transactions – cyber due diligence
  • Incident management
  • Regulatory investigation
  • Vendor / supply chain management
  • Class actions and litigation
  • Cross-border cyber security
  • Technology development / IP commercialisation
  • Intellectual property
  • Reputation management
  • Surveillance advice. 

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