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Welcome! In the current candidate market, it is more important than ever that we continue to work together with agencies to attract and recruit the best candidates out there. To achieve this goal, King & Wood Mallesons has developed partnerships with a number of agencies.

We do require that certain conditions are met and these are outlined below.

How do I submit a candidate to you for review?

We use an online recruitment system and ask all our suppliers to submit candidates this way following a briefing from your contact in the resourcing team. Currently you will need to "apply" for the advertised roles as if you were the candidate, using their name and email address via your login. After reviewing the application, our Resourcing team will contact you directly to provide feedback.

What if I have a good candidate, but there isn't a role advertised ("Speculative Candidate")?

Speculative candidates may be accepted by the firm, however you are required to contact your contact in the Resourcing team first before submitting any candidate details.

What information do you require when submitting a candidate?

Resumes should be submitted along with a candidate report. This report should detail the following -

  • Your experience of meeting with the candidate
  • Salary expectations
  • Current availability to begin their next role
  • The candidate's current activity in the market (including an explanation around any gaps that may exist within the resume).

Legal applications should also include a copy of the candidate's academic record and the GPA calculated. Where possible, secretarial applications should include typing test results.

Do I need to agree to any terms and conditions before submitting a candidate?

Yes. We ask that all agency partners read and agree to our terms and conditions before submitting a candidate. If you would like to know more about our pricing strategy please contact your contact in the Resourcing team who will advise on request. 

Confidentiality of candidate information

We are committed to ensuring all candidate information submitted to us is treated confidentially, acting at all times with honesty and integrity. This information may be stored electronically or in hardcopy in a secure environment and may be disclosed between King & Wood Mallesons and its associated entities. Further information can be found in our Privacy Statement for Prospective Employees.

Further questions?

Please contact a member of the Resourcing team in your city.

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