Luke Woodward


Sydney, Australia

Luke Woodward is Head of KWM's national competition law group.

Luke advises clients on competition and consumer law investigations & prosecutions, ACCC acquisition & merger clearances and Infrastructure regulation - notably in the telecommunications, gas, electricity, water, airports, sea ports and rail industries in Australia.

Luke has over 30 years of competition and consumer law enforcement experience, on the enforcement side with the ACCC and in private practice, including:

  • an outstanding track record in obtaining competition law clearances in high profile transactions and unparalleled experience and success in contested merger cases over the past thirty years.
  • extensive experience in the conduct and oversight of major competition law litigation including representing clients in leading cartel (civil and criminal), misuse of market power, mergers and joint venture cases.
  • leading numerous client responses to major ACCC investigations including immunity applications under the ACCC and NZCC cartel immunity policies
  • advising private sector clients, governments and regulators in relation to infrastructure access and regulation, including in communications, energy and water, and transport/logistics sectors.

Luke is a globally recognised and highly regarded thought leader and advisor on Australian competition law and infrastructure regulation administration, policy and law reform.