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Commission fines food packaging cartels €115 million


Commission fines 10 companies €115 million for retail food packaging cartels

The European Commission has fined eight manufacturers and two distributors of retail food packaging trays €115 million for a cluster of cartels.

26 June 2015

AGCM opens investigation into an alleged abuse of commercial power in the agro-food market

The Italian Competition Authority has launched an investigation into the alleged abuse of commercial power by Coop Italia and Centrale Adriatica.

26 June 2015

AGCM accepts remedies to solve competition issues in co-marketing agreement in the pharma sector

The Italian Competition Authority has accepted a remedy package to solve competition issues regarding alleged collusion in the tumour treatment market.

26 June 2015

ECJ holds Commission’s dawn raids on Deutsche Bahn partly illegal

The EU Court of Justice has ruled that Commission dawn raids at Deutsche Bahn were illegal as they were triggered by improperly discovered documents.

25 June 2015

Russia and Iran: sanctions risks and opportunities

The current situation with Iran and Russia leaves businesses in a difficult position - there are key points to consider throughout any transaction.

25 June 2015

Transparency in the UK

The UK government it is still trying to work out how to implement corporate transparency and to publicly identify any individual who ultimately owns and controls a UK company.

25 June 2015