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UK Merger Control: national security controls on foreign investment continue to widen

Insights - UK

Interim measures in energy and resource investor state disputes

Interim measures provide a useful tool for foreign investors seeking to protect their ongoing interests in pending disputes with sovereign states.

01 November 2017

European Commission Announces Screening of Takeovers from Third Countries

The European Commission has taken steps to address foreign investments in the EU.

09 October 2017

Impact of Criminal Finances Act (‘CFA’) 2017

The Criminal Finances Act (“CFA”) 2017 comes into effect on 30 September 2017. The CFA introduces two new offences which could affect any company with links to...

04 August 2017

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Patent Litigation in China

8 questions most frequently asked by clients in relation to patent litigation in China.

24 July 2017

Welcome to the (Third) Party: New Arbitration Funding Options and Lessons for Hong Kong

On 14 June 2017, Hong Kong’s Legislative Council passed the Arbitration and Mediation Legislation (Third Party Funding) (Amendment) Bill 2016.

05 July 2017