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EDF's fine reduced on appeal


The Paris Court of Appeal reduces fine on EDF for abuse of dominance by 42%

The French Court of Appeal partially overruled the FCA's decision related to photovoltaic solar power and reduced EDF’s fine by 42%.

28 May 2015

CMA gets power to make written recommendations on proposals for legislation

The CMA has additional powers to make written recommendations to government ministers about the potential impact of proposed Westminster legislation.

28 May 2015

FCA’s terms of reference for investment and corporate banking market study

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has launched an investment and corporate banking market study and published its Terms of Reference.

28 May 2015

Court of Appeal construes second medical use claims

The Court of Appeal has construed second medical use claims in the context of a dispute relating to pregabalin.

28 May 2015

The evolution of fund terms

Although there has not been a revolution in the last twelve months – terms have continued to evolve in response to investor concerns, many of them informed by experiences in the immediate aftermath of the financial crisis.

28 May 2015

Patent Court invalidates rivastigmine patch patent

The Patents Court has decided that Novartis' patent for rivastigmine patches is invalid for added matter and obviousness.

28 May 2015