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China: Put Self-driving Cars into Gear




China: Put Self-driving Cars into Gear

The PRC government continues to set the stage to develop self-driving cars.

23 June 2017

China: ADAS to Self-driving Cars - The Journey Starts

ADAS is no longer decoration but rather a very real disruptive force for the auto industry.

31 May 2017

Conference Report: Belt and Road risks and mitigation strategies

Experts share insight on ‘Applying Governance to Open up One Belt, One Road Opportunities’.

24 May 2017

Waterfalls in the Gulf: Pre-conditions to arbitration and enforcement in the UAE

Arbitration agreements frequently impose preconditions to arbitration, requiring parties to engage in a combination of mediation, conciliation, good faith negotiations and/or other mechanisms first.

24 May 2017

Case Report: Recent developments in international arbitration in Australia

Australia is shaping up as a proximate, reliable and neutral seat for international arbitration stemming from China’s Belt and Road.

24 May 2017

Case Report: Enforcement milestone for CIETAC HK in China

The Nanjing Court has enforced a CIETAC Hong Kong arbitral award in Mainland China for the first time, bolstering its claim as an institution of choice for Belt...

24 May 2017