Digital Intelligence

Digital Intelligence

Digital technologies are transforming the global economy. The exponential rate of technological change presents opportunities for growth and efficiencies across all industries, including financial services, agriculture, health and energy. But while these opportunities can be rewarding, they also come with greater risks including cybersecurity threats, data protection challenges and privacy issues.

While companies rapidly race to produce the most innovative products and services, governments now face the challenge of creating legal frameworks that will not only keep up with digital disruption, but also regulate new developments and promote innovation.

Our Digital Intelligence hub provides you with a range of resources to remain competitive, stay ahead of regulatory changes in technology law, and keep abreast of market opportunities and industry trends.

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    Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin, but its use far exceeds digital currencies. Providing a shared single source of truth, blockchain delivers a range of benefits to businesses, including security, enhanced service delivery and reduced costs.

    Navigating the blockchain path: ASIC releases guidance

    Guidance on the use of distributed ledger technology in financial services and markets.


    Australia’s leading role in international blockchain standards

    The ISO approves Standards Australia’s proposal for new international blockchain standards.

    World image

    HKMA releases White Paper on Distributed Ledger Technology

    The White Paper forms part of a broader project to investigate the technology, its potential applications, and risks.

    HKMA releases White Paper on Distributed Ledger Technology


    As cybersecurity breaches continue to make global headlines and keep company boards on their toes, an organisation's ability to respond to (and recover from) breaches is being judged by the public in real time.

    Analysis on the administrative procedure of internet content check

    Interpretation of the Procedural Regulations for Administrative Law Enforcement Concerning Internet Information Content Management.


    Ushering in a New Era of Internet News Regulation

    An Observation of the Provisions on the Management of Internet News and Information Services.


    Building an Institutional Framework for Cyber Security Review

    The 16 articles of the Review Measures set up an institutional framework for the security review of network products and services.


    Data Protection & Privacy

    Data is the lifeblood of the digital economy – the ‘oil of the 21st century’. As data protection and privacy laws continue to evolve to keep up with technology, we can help you stay ahead of the regulatory changes in the markets where you do business.

    Discover how we can help you manage and improve compliance.

    China's Step Forward to Personal Data Protection

    Article 111 of the General Provisions stipulates the rules for the protection of personal data.


    Data Transaction Contracts and Related Legal Issues

    This article is on the contracts that set out terms of data transfer and transactions under Chinese law.


    A healthy respect for privacy – OAIC releases new fact sheets on health information

    The importance of having strong privacy compliance practices in place when dealing with health-related information.



    Digital and online payments are changing the way consumers interact with goods and services. Stay at the forefront of market developments, trends and opportunities in payment products and clearing systems.

    Discover how we can help you stay ahead of the curve in e-commerce.

    Respite or False Dawn: MOFCOM hints at softening of tough PRC e-commerce policies

    International health food companies and infant formula food suppliers rejoice as new model set to take effect from January 1 2018.


    China’s e-commerce regulatory tsunami continues: New advertising and food safety regulations

    China clarifies its regulatory stance on online advertising practices and the online sale of food products, continuing a trend towards greater regulation of e-commerce.

    Digital payments

    No ‘online platform’ EU regulation (for now), but general e-commerce rules will apply

    European Commission refrains from imposing regulations specifically targeting online platforms, for now. General EU e-commerce rules will however apply.

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    The evolution and development of financial technology, or fintech, is rapidly changing the way financial institutions interact with their clients. Organisations must leverage these digital opportunities and embrace the 'disruption' to remain competitive and relevant to their clients.

    Discover how we can help you achieve growth in the fintech space.

    FinTech under pressure: Bitcoin hacked through Hong Kong exchange

    High-profile hacking and theft of bitcoins emphasises the importance of understanding and mitigating risk.


    10 things you need to know about blockchain in finance and financial markets

    10 key points on blockchain (distributed ledger technology) and the way it can change the fabric of finance.


    Get ready to play, Fintech – ASIC proposes an Australian sandbox for 2017

    As promised by the Australian Government, ASIC has released its proposed design of a regulatory sandbox for fintech.


    Digital 101: The fundamentals

    What you need to know about the hot topics in digital innovation.

    10 things you need to know about the Internet of Things

    10 points on the IoT and how it will transform industry, our daily lives and the global economy.

    Internet of Things

    10 things you need to know about agritech

    10 points on agritech and the way it can transform the future of the food and agribusiness sector.


    10 things you need to know about smart contracts

    10 points on the what, how and why of smart contract architecture in financial markets.