03 July 2018

Ms. Xu Ping, Senior Partner at King & Wood Mallesons Named “Outstanding Global Investment Partner for Weichai’s 20-Year Reform, Innovation and Development”.

At its conference to celebrate the 97th anniversary of the Communist Party of China and the 20th anniversary of reform, innovation and development on 1 July 2018, Weichai Group highlighted its huge achievement in the past two decades and recognized the efforts its international and domestic partners have made along the progress of the Group. Ms. Xu Ping, a senior partner at King & Wood Mallesons (KWM) was named “Outstanding Global Investment Partner for Weichai’s 20-Year Reform, Innovation and Development” at this event and KWM was the only intermediary to receive this award.

The last 20 years witnessed Weichai Group’s accumulation and major leaps which many international companies have taken a century to accomplish. The Group has now become the leader in China’s automobile and equipment manufacturing industry and an international conglomerate with a capital of around RMB 200 billion. During the Group’s strategic shift from domestic development to global operations, Ms. Xu Ping, leading KWM’s cross-border M&A team, assisted Weichai Group as lead counsel in all its overseas M&A transactions. With in-depth understanding of Weichai’s strategies and commercial goals and extensive experience in international mergers and acquisitions, Ms. Xu Ping successfully navigated the client throughout its outbound investments.


In presenting the award to Ms. Xu Ping, Mr. Tan Xuguang, Chairman of the Board of Weichai Group said, “KWM is a leading and one of the most innovative global law firms in China. As a senior partner at KWM, Ms. Xu Ping provided the most exceptional legal services during Weichai’s acquisitions of Baudouin, Ferretti Group, KION Group, Linde Hydraulics, Dematic and PSI, among others. After careful consideration, Weichai would like to name Ms. Xu Ping as the Outstanding Global Investment Partner for Weichai’s 20-Year Reform, Innovation and Development.”

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