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New Rules on the R Visa

Labour & Employment

New Rules on the R Visa – Bringing the World's "Super Brains" into the “Bowl”!

China has introduced a more open visa policy for overseas talent.

15 January 2018

Yes or No: Dismissal Based on Unplanned Childbirth

Whether employers can dismiss employees on the basis of unplanned childbirth has always been a big social concern.

11 December 2017



07 December 2017

Labor Law Enters the “Post-No. 481 Era”

How will its annulment affect employers and employees?

06 December 2017

Should business travel time be counted as overtime?

Overtime-related dispute is one of the difficulties in human resource management and judicial practice.

06 December 2017

Has the Only Child Elderly-Care Leave Really Come?

They are faced with unprecedented pressure and difficulties, especially in taking care of their ill parents.

06 December 2017

Who Is the First Person Responsible for Work Safety?

The “directly responsible person in charge” and “other liable persons” still need to be determined in accordance with the particular situations.

20 September 2017

Guangdong high court’s recent labour disputes explanation

The Explanation is divided into five groups including the determination of employment relationships.

19 September 2017

Are Philippine Maids Coming

It is illegal to hire Filipino maids. So how did they enter the Chinese Mainland?

13 September 2017

Travelling Abroad During Sick Leave: Are You Kidding Me?

Article 13 of the Answers to The Law Application in Labor Dispute Cases.

27 July 2017

Privacy in the Workplace: A Discussion of the Legality of Searches

To what degree should employees' privacy rights be subject to employers' management?

06 June 2017

Latest Judicial Guidance on Labor Disputes in Zhejiang Province

Answers (IV) clarify some common questions about judicial practice and existing rules.

31 May 2017