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Challenges and Opportunities for Network Marketing in China

Corporate, Private Equity, M&A and Commercial

A Castle Built on Sand: Challenges and Opportunities for Network Marketing in China

Despite the opportunity network marketers do face real and serious challenges in China.

10 July 2017

The New “Negative List” for Foreign Investment

Comparison between the New and Old Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries.

07 July 2017

How to prepare an emergency response plan for cybersecurity incidents like Petya

How should companies deal with cybersecurity incidents in China?

04 July 2017

From Stock Connect to Bond Connect – The first northbound trade under Bond Connect launches today

This client article will primarily examine the key features and legal issues relating to Northbound Trading.

03 July 2017

China: Put Self-driving Cars into Gear

The PRC government continues to set the stage to develop self-driving cars.

23 June 2017

How to Draw a Line Between Employers' Management and Employees' Privacy Rights?

To what degree should employees' privacy rights be subject to employers' management?

06 June 2017

China: ADAS to Self-driving Cars - The Journey Starts

ADAS is no longer decoration but rather a very real disruptive force for the auto industry.

31 May 2017

Latest Judicial Guidance on Labor Disputes in Zhejiang Province

Answers (IV) clarify some common questions about judicial practice and existing rules.

31 May 2017

New Policy on Foreigner's Employment in China

The “Two-in-One License” reform realizes the unified management of foreigner’s employment in China.

26 May 2017

Blacklisted by the World Bank, How Can Firms Participate in the Belt and Road?

World Bank, enforce strict compliance procedures for their borrowers,enterprise should take an active role in proceedings.

23 May 2017

Measures for CRS Due Diligence of Non-Resident Financial Accounts Finally Released

China releases CRS implementing rules for non-resident financial accounts

22 May 2017